Make-Up Like a PRO by Au Mauricio at COWO Asia

When In Manila, it is a must for ladies to learn the basics of make-up; not only because of vanity but also because it is useful and will always be useful in the future. Learning the basics of make up is not easy, but with MAKE-UP LIKE A PRO by Au Mauricio, the long procedure is just as simple as one two three.

 Make-Up Like A PRO

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Make-Up Like A PRO at COWO Asia



Make-Up Like A PRO : Location


Make-Up Like A PRO by Au Mauricio was held at COWO Asia at Ortigas Center, Pasig City. COWO Asia is a collaboration work space and virtual office which allows people to “co-work” with other professionals in a more creative environment. At a cost they can afford, freelancers, business owners, and entrepreneurs can work, access methods of communication and volumes of information and network to potential clients in an innovative and more comfortable environment.


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Make-Up Like a PRO by Au Mauricio at COWO Asia 


Make-Up Like A PRO: Brief Background

Make Up Like A PRO started last 2008 by founder Au Mauricio–a US trained, international celebrity make-up artist, and was launched in Manila by 2009. Make Up Like A PRO is a program designed to teach students the ART of putting on make-up. The most popular class which I attended was the Personal Beauty Workshop. This class teaches the basics of correct color foundation matching, 5-minute make-up, the “no-make-up look”, day natural make-up and evening event make-up. 


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Make-Up Like A PRO: My Experience

Since college, I was exposed to an environment where we have to put on our own make-up. “You have to wear make-up when you go on duty in the hospital, you have to be presentable. You can’t look more sick than your patients…” this is what our clinical instructors always tell us back then. But since I see wearing make-up for “vanity purposes only”, that didn’t bother me at all. I pretended to have make-up by just pinching my cheeks, biting my lips and putting some lip gloss on. Somehow, I survived not being sent home. Until I had to apply for work and go on interviews when I graduated, then I realized I need to learn how to put on my own. 


I started by asking friends what to put, how to put… all the questions I had in mind, I asked them; but somehow, I can’t do it properly. I need someone to approve if it’s nice or if it’s okay already or just have someone do it.. It took me years to finally have some confidence that I did it right, but to some point not enough yet. And so when I learned of this Make-Up Like A PRO, I very was excited to attend!


Despite the bad weather, I still decided to go to COWO Asia. When we arrived, I was overwhelmed by all the make-ups laid on the table; of course the different brushes and creams and powder you apply were also there. I had a mixed feeling of excitement that I’m going to learn finally and the fear that I might not get it right. The class started with an introduction of ourselves and what we want to learn.. “Well, honestly speaking, I wanted to learn everything! But it’s the “smokey eyes effect” I’m most excited about!’



Make Up Like a PRO Au Mauricio COWO10

 Make-Up Like A PRO: Overwhelming kinds of brushes!



Make Up Like a PRO Au Mauricio COWO9

Make-Up Like A PRO: Just some of the make up we used


Included in the workshop were a free set of make-up brushes, PIXI’s A WEEK of WAKE UP MAKE-UP7 complete makeup looks in a box, one for each day of the week and Php 200.00 worth of GC from The Closet Goddess.

Pixi Beauty Make-Up is the official make-up products used by Make-up Like A PRO students.


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Make-Up Like a PRO freebies


The workshop was divided into lecture in the morning and hands-on make-up in the afternoon. Miss Au Mauricio explained how to find your perfect match of foundation, the steps in putting eye shadow, the importance of concealer.. basically all one should know. She also shared some “good buys” for make-ups. Then goes the fun part when we actually had to put on our own! I had no idea what is the right color for me… good thing Miss Au helped us by picking the one that matched our skin color. From the concealer to the foundation, I did it okay. Felt so proud that I was doing it… Until the part where each of us was to copy the eyebrow Miss Au did on one side.. 


Make Up Like a PRO Au Mauricio COWO4

Make-Up Like a PRO: Eyebrowing


To cut the story short, I had a hard time doing it. It took me sometime to finally make my eyebrow a sister to the other one. It felt so good. :)) Then there was the eye shadow application, the blush, the mascara and of course the lipstick! From our pale faces, everyone was now on their make-up looking better and more presentable. 


Make Up Like a PRO Au Mauricio COWO5

Make-Up Like a PRO: Eye Shadow


Make Up Like a PRO Au Mauricio COWO7

Make-Up Like a PRO: Mascara Time!


Then from the “no make-up look”, we were taught how to do the “smokey eyes” or evening look. I just find it so amazing that it’s not as hard as I thought it was. Well of course, if you really want the very intensive details of how to do the smokey effect, Miss Au teaches a separate class for that.


Make Up Like a PRO Au Mauricio COWO6

Make-Up Like a PRO: Miss Au comparing eye shadow of evening and everyday look


Make Up Like a PRO Au Mauricio COW10

Make-Up Like a PRO: Eyeliner application


After everyone was done, we were asked to line up so that Ms. Au can choose who among us did the best make-ups. I was so overwhelmed that I was part of the top 3 in the evening make-up! Really, it was an achievement! 🙂 My friend Teacher Annabelle was awarded as the best in evening look make-up and Ms. Arvie as the best in everyday look make-up.


Make Up Like a PRO Au Mauricio COWOWinners2

Make-Up Like a PRO: Winners for the Everyday Look

L-R: Justine, Arvie, Miss Au Mauricio, Irish


Make Up Like a PRO Au Mauricio COWOWinners1

Make-Up Like a PRO: Winners for the Evening Look

L-R: Miss Au Mauricio, Me, Annabelle, Avegail


I learned a lot about make-up that day. It was a good and memorable experience over-all!  Of course I’m still not that good, but like what Miss Au told us, practice, practice practice! And soon you’ll get it right! 


So, When In Manila, for make-up concerns, or just curious on how to CORRECTLY put on your own make-up, join Make-Up Like a PRO’s future classes! It’s worth investing on!


Make-Up Like A PRO Schedule:

July 21 – Personal Beauty Workshop (COWO Ortigas)
July 22 – Personal Beauty Workshop (Orange Bloom SPA Las Pinas)
July 28 – Personal Beauty Workshop (Baguio City)
July 29 – Advanced Fashion Makeup (Baguio City)
Aug 11 – Personal Beauty Workshop (Bottega Studio, QC)
Aug 25 – Personal Beauty Workshop (Davao City)
Aug 26 – Personal Beauty Workshop (Davao City)


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Make-Up Like A PRO  Class Picture More Pics here

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Make-Up Like A PRO 

 Make-Up Like A PRO

 Make-Up Like A PRO

Make-Up Like A PRO by Au Mauricio at COWO Asia

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