Make the Switch to These Eco-Friendly Products for Daily Life

If you’ve been spending a lot of time on the internet recently, then you’re already probably aware of the environmental crisis we’re facing and how people are already calling on everyone else to be more conscious of living more sustainably.

Want to do your part even in small ways? Hoping to reduce your daily waste? Check out these simple yet extremely helpful eco-friendly products that you can easily get on Shopee:

beeswax food wrap

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10. These beeswax food wraps will help eliminate the use of cling wrap in your kitchen. These food wraps are reusable, washable, and safe to use for covering leftover containers or wrapping fresh food. It’s also extra sturdy and easy to use. It even comes in a variety of designs for an added bonus. Buy these beeswax food wraps here!

bamboo tumbler

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9. Say goodbye to buying disposable plastic water bottles every time you go out with this stylish bamboo tumbler. Aside from keeping you hydrated at all times, this tumbler also helps lessen the plastic waste created every day. Buy this bamboo water bottle here!

eco cloth

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8. Are you using too many paper towels when cleaning around your home? These compostable eco-cloths might be the more sustainable solution. These sponge cloths are super absorbent, reusable, and easily washable. Each cloth is actually equivalent to 15 kitchen paper towels! Buy these reusable eco-cloths here!

toothpaste tablets

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7. These natural toothpaste tabs are plastic-free, vegan, and free from other unnecessary ingredients, making them safe for the environment and for your dental hygiene. These toothpaste tabs are also travel-friendly—perfect for your next road trip. Buy these natural toothpaste tablets here!

bamboo toothbrush

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6. If you’re making the switch to eco-friendly toothpaste, then it only makes sense to replace your toothbrush as well. This bamboo toothbrush is a great eco-friendly option for your dental hygiene. They’re made from natural bamboo and hygienic nylon material which is biodegradable and can be recycled. Buy this bamboo toothbrush here!

bamboo cutlery set

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5. Back in the office and always on the go? Now, you can always say no to single-use plastic utensils when you have this bamboo cutlery set. The set includes a spoon, fork, knife, a pair of chopsticks, a bamboo straw, and a straw cleaner. It also comes in a cute pouch to make it easier to bring around. Buy this bamboo cutlery set here!

tote bag

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4. This multi-functional tote bag will make sure that you never ask for another plastic bag for your groceries again. This tote bag has a variety of pockets and is made out of sturdy material, making it efficient in holding all of the things you bought from the store. It’s also very easy to fold and store in your everyday bag for emergency shopping runs. Buy this large tote bag here!

sinaya menstrual cup

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3. This one is for the ladies. Every month we throw out loads of plastic waste whenever we have our period, but this reusable menstrual cup helps eliminate that huge amount of waste. It can be used for up to 5 years, and it’s very comfortable, efficient, and can make your periods a lot more convenient. Personally, this menstrual cup has definitely changed my life. Buy this menstrual cup here!

shampoo bar

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2. This shampoo bar will make you say bye to those massive shampoo bottles or sachets you buy every few weeks. This shampoo bar comes in plastic-free packaging, and it has sulfate-free ingredients that keep your hair beautiful, soft, and healthy. Buy this shampoo bar here!

reusable straw set

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1. This reusable straw set is probably one of the first few things you’ll get when you want to make the switch to a more eco-friendly life. More and more establishments have already eliminated plastic straws, or straws entirely, but it’s never a bad idea to have your own at all times—especially when you hate paper straws that go soggy over time. Buy this 4-piece reusable straw set here!

What other eco-friendly products do you use every day? Share it with us!

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