Make Sure to Bring This Chips Brand to Your Next Beach Trip

Super Crunch 1

Summer is just around the corner and we’re sure that many of you are planning your next beach trip. After a long time of just staying indoors, there’s nothing like lying on the sand with a view of the sea surrounded by loved ones.

Whether you’re in Batangas for a day trip or in Palawan for a long weekend, time at the beach wouldn’t be complete without snacks. And we know just the chips brand that’s perfect to eat while listening to the waves and enjoying an ice-cold drink.

Super Crunch 2

We love Super Crunch and its line of chips. There are tons of flavors to choose from, including the corn chips in Cheesiest, Tasty Sweet Corn, Cheddar Cheese, and Barbecue, and the Nachos Variant in Cheese and Barbecue.

As its name suggests, the chips are incredibly cruuuunchy and so satisfying to eat on vacation. You know how food tastes so much better after a dip in the pool or the sea? You’ll get that same feeling when eating Super Crunch.

So what do we think of the flavors? Let’s do a text version of a mukbang.

First, the Cheesiest. Do you remember the sweet cheese corn snack we used to eat as kids? It reminds us of that. Cheesiest has a sweet flavor that brings back memories of one of our favorite childhood snacks.

The Tasty Sweet Corn is very that. Extra tasty. The sweetness is balanced by the savory corn flavor of the chips, which is very prominent. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and salty.

The Super Crunch corn chips also come in Cheddar Cheese and Barbecue flavors, and we’re excited to try that soon. We’re definitely adding this to our essentials on our next beach trip.

Super Crunch 4

The Nachos variant has a smoky flavor to both the Cheese and Barbecue flavors. We love that even if the corn chips and Nachos have similar flavors, the Nachos taste noticeably different. Want something sweeter? Get the corn chips. If you’re craving something that has a bit of spice, try the Nachos.

Another thing that we love about Super Crunch is that it embraces its Filipino-ness (it’s a Philippine brand so let’s #LoveLocal!). 

They also have a line of cracklings made of green peas with local flavors. Super Crunch Chipcharon comes in Lechon Kawali, Pinoy Bawang, and Suka’t Sili. It has the texture and crunch of chicharon without the added guilt.

Super Crunch Chipcharon


The Lechon Kawali continues to be our favorite and we love the subtle hint of vinegar in every bite. The Pinoy Bawang has a strong garlicky taste, and the Suka’t Sili is perfect for those who want a bit of heat mixed with the tart taste of vinegar.

Super Crunch is available in leading stores such as Waltermart, Super8, Metro, Rustans, Robinsons, Landmark, and Puregold. You can also buy Super Crunch on the official Lazada and Shopee Stores.

If you’re heading to the beach soon, make sure to add Super Crunch to your list of things to bring!


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