Maine Mendoza Shares Photos in the Rain After Missing the LANY Concert for Work

Maine Mendoza is such a cutie! We’ve witnessed her fangirl over many things through the years of her fame; and tonight, she subtly fangirled on Twitter once again.

As the entirety of Manila probably knows by now, tonight is the second night of LANY’s concert at our shores, where many people are currently screaming, singing and quite possibly crying to LANY’s songs at the MOA Arena. LANY’s fans have lined up for tickets and lined up for good spots, and apparently, Maine is one huge LANY herself.

On Twitter tonight, she shared that she was actually one of the first to make sure she got LANY tickets… only to find out that she actually had to go to a taping tonight – on the actual night of the concert. “It hurts so much,” she says in her tweet. “Everyone who is going tonight, enjoy. Just say hi to Paul Klein for me.”

She followed up the tweet with some photos of her wearing a helmet in the rain along with the witty hashtag #LabanLANY

Aside from the way she fangirls about the things that she loves, another thing we love about Maine is her general positivity in life. Just look at that huge smile and the fun in her tweets despite missing a concert she was looking forward to for so long. Keep spreading happiness, Maine! We love you!

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