Macbook Case Search Is Over: Candy Shield Is The Most Affordable!


Macbook Case: search no more!

When In Manila, any Macbook users out there? If you are and you take really good care of your beloved laptop to keep it scratch-free, but do not want to spend on ridiculously expensive cases and accessories, worry no more! CANDY SHIELD is here to bring you quality products in order to keep your Macbook fresh!


Like the name, it shields your Macbook from icky dust and sharp scratches while looking as fabulous as colorful candies! Upon holding my own Macbook case from Candy Shield, I just couldn’t stop caressing it! The matte finish is so smooth and it hugs my Macbook perfectly. The grip is also ace: it won’t just randomly slip out of my hands. 


macbook case when in manila 2Candy Shield Macbook case: sleek and sophisticated in black.


The Most Affordable Macbook Case

Have I mentioned that the price for this amazing Macbook case is affordable? YES! You heard it right here! A Macbook case from Candy Shield won’t go above PHP1,000. Plus, you can buy them in a bundle, which would be a lot cheaper than individual purchases. 


macbook case when in manila 3Candy Shield is very affordable! PHP750 for an individual Macbook case / PHP900 with keyboard protector and dust plugs


What are you waiting for?! Pretty up your Macbooks now with Candy Shield! It’s just so perfect because my old Macbook case is so beaten up already and Candy Shield came to the rescue! 

They have different colors to choose from; clear, black, red, royal blue, mint green, yellow, pink, orange, sky blue, and purple. You can also choose whether your Macbook is Retina or Non-Retina. 


macbook case when in manila 1Visit Candy Shield’s Facebook page for different color choices and prices!


Feel free to check out their pages and inquire about these candy-colored Macbook cases!


Candy Shield

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Gear Up Now With A Macbook Case From Candy Shield



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