Lugang Cafe: Bringing Exceptional Taiwanese Dining in Manila!


When In Manila, it ain’t so bad to try something new once in a while. After all the Filipino, Chinese, Thai, Western and fast food our  taste buds have tried, our attention was caught by Tawainese cuisine this time and Lugang Cafe by the Bellagio group is here to serve us something new.


A very classy and posh interior will welcome you at Lugang Cafe. Pretty impressive but I am just really excited for the food we’re gonna try! Haha! Can’t wait for the xiao long bao! I got really curious about it that’s why I’m so keen to try it.


First impressions lasts, and Lugang’s reception area will surely wow you. I particularly love the Buddha etching on the glass panel. 


And don’t get me started with the light fixtures! I admire food places that takes interior design (especially lights) into consideration. I’m already starting to love Lugang and we haven’t even started eating yet!


Lugang Cafe is highly recommended as a date place! The place itself aims to impress already! 


You can also watch the chefs as they prepare your food (my excitement level for the food just went up more!), you are ensured to get best quality dimsum in Lugang cafe.



Finally! Let the eating at Lugang Cafe begin!!


Steamed Pork Xiao Long Bao (Php188) – Also known as a “soup dumpling“, these wrapped goodness is something I’ll go crazy about! It may look like your usual steamed dumpling but the magic is when you place it in your mouth and the warm, flavorful soup slowly flow out of its dough. Hm-mmm. So good!


Sip the soup slowly or follow my style, eat it all in a mouthful — either way, it’s a unique experience and not to mention tasty! This was a very good start to our meal!


Our very colorful drinks! Very enticing to drink, yes?


Iced Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly and Aloe Jelly in Honey Lemon Juice


Cantonese Iced Lemon Tea and Lugang Iced Coffee

 All our drinks got a thumbs up! We all loved it! 


The main dishes have arrived! We started with the Chicken topped with Scallion and Ginger Oil (Php470), it was a bit like boiled/hainanese chicken but the scallions added some flavor to it. Good thing the flavors went well altogether.


Next up was the Stir-fried Beef with Chili Peppers (Php320). We all loved this because the beef was tender and the spicy kick was a hit to us! 


The Black Pepper Beef Fried Rice (Php220) was perfect with the spicy stir-fried beef but trust me, it is already a meal by itself!



If you’re a seafood lover, then you should try Lugang’s Mayonnaise Prawns (Php650)! I’m not a fan of mayonnaise (eep, I don’t eat mayonnaise) but I gave this one a try and the verdict: the prawns were a delight and the wasabi mayo dressing is surprisingly good!


The Honey Garlic Squid (Php320) is one of Lugang’s new offering and it did not disappoint. It resembles Lemon Chicken so much, right? But this one’s a treat, the squid was cooked well to my liking and the sweet and garlicky flavor on squid is something new to my taste.


But of course, we wouldn’t miss my favorite part of a meal!!


Lugang was too kind to give us not just one, but two desserts!! Yeah!! Hello to sugar rush!!


First up was the Black Sesame and Peanut Flavoured Shaved Ice (Php160)! This was one huge plate of shaved ice! And a great one too! You can taste both flavors one at a time or take spoonfuls of each flavor and mix it! I love subtle flavor of black sesame mixed with the sweet peanut-buttery shaved ice! Such a sweet treat!! 


But wait!! There’s more!!


This one’s quite a surprise!! Just look at it!!


Doesn’t it make you feel Christmas-y?! And you can have it any day! It is even best to battle the summer heat! This is Lugang’s Bellagio Breeze (Php248), it is shaved ice covered in beans and nested in pineapple chunks, ube mochi and sago. It is like a prettified version of halo-halo. I’m not so keen on beans so I just munched on the sago and mochi but the rest of the guys liked it.


Ms. Camilla preparing our Bellagio Breeze. Thanks to the Lugang crew who welcomed us! We had a great time!





When In Manila, drive down Conneticut Street in Greenhills and have a stop at Lugang Cafe. Be it brunch, lunch or dinner, indulge yourself in a delectable Chinese-Taiwanese feast! Bring in the whole family and friends for fun!



Lugang Cafe

115 Connecticut St., North East Greenhills

G/F 136-137 Main Mall South Wing,
1174-1176 SM Mall Of Asia, Pasay City

Contact Numbers: (632) 542 0196 ; (0917) 6992254 (Greenhills Branch)

(632) 555 0219 ; (0916) 2140822 (MOA Branch)

email: lugangcafe88@­

Website | Twitter | Facebook

 Open from 11AM to 9:30PM on Monday to Thursday

Open from 11AM to 10:30PM on Friday to Sunday






Lugang Cafe: Bringing Exceptional Taiwanese Dining in Manila!


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