Love Notes: Ted Mosby Is Right

ted mosby

There is no off button.

Ted Mosby is right. When it comes to love, there is no off button.

But like Ted Mosby, I tried turning it off for the sake of friendship. How difficult is it to fall in love with a friend? There is always that fear that if it doesn’t work out, you end up sacrificing the friendship. You simply part ways and never talk again. That is sad because you could have been amazing together if being “romantically involved” was taken off the table.

But, OMG, what if it does?

My Robin Scherbatsky is not a news anchor but a budding scribe. She would stitch together words into a song with music that only plays in my mind and heart. To many, they are just stories but to me, they could be great sonatas. They make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It takes me a lot to read a book but if it was from her, I’d gladly finish it in one sitting. I don’t know why or how I am able to do this, but it just feels so easy.

She is a laidback gal a decade my junior who could not care less about the world. She takes everything at her own pace and I’m not sure how she can afford to do that but she makes it seem so simple. On the contrary, I’m always taking things quickly. I take charge and deliver. It may be my age, I’m not sure, but I like getting things done. We are total opposites.

Like Ted and Robin, we are not on the same page. I like her. She doesn’t. We couldn’t be together. Still, we agreed to stay friends. I promised to turn it off and just move on.

For quite a while, we paused any form of communication. We needed a break. No one got in touch with the other. We just became two elements in space moving in their own directions not necessarily in the same direction and not necessarily to meet again. Yet, we met again. We got together. We agreed to just stay friends. I told her I’m okay with it and I didn’t lie. I was really okay with it but like anyone who has loved anyone else, love doesn’t go away. It’s there but you suppress it, you keep it locked deep down inside you just so you can keep it casual.

ted mosby 3

Every once in a while, that love that you locked in a box leaks, which makes you throw a harmless banter. You flirt. Still, you know nothing is ever going to happen between you two. So, you go back to suppressing whatever you’re feeling. You man up and move on. Still, sometimes, when you just look at her all beautiful, strong, and nice, and you talk to her all charming and smart, you feel a pinch deep inside. Maybe it’s the love that you’ve been keeping locked in a box that is trying to escape. Or maybe it’s a reminder to keep moving on.

I hate that I’m Ted Mosby in this story. Actually, I hate Ted Mosby in general because he keeps falling for people breaking his heart and theirs. Remember, when he almost got married but got left at the altar? Yeah, he deserved that. Remember, when he got married to the mother but she passed away? That’s really heart-breaking. However, he got his happy ending but maybe it was only for the sake of the audience.

ted mosby 2

I know, unlike Ted Mosby, I don’t deserve my Robin Scherbatsky.

I hate how How I Met Your Mother ended.

Maybe, in the real world, we just don’t end up with Robin.

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