Love Desserts – a haven for your sweet tooth cravings!



The place is not big enough like other usual buffet restaurants but it has colorful and fun interiors making your stay here easy, light and comfortable. Approximately they can accommodate around 40 to 50 persons. And to everyone asking, they only accept walk-in customers. Table reservations are not anymore allowed since the place go jam-packed by the time they open their store!









From eclairs, sylvanas, macaroons, muffins and whatnots, these delectable and lip-smacking goodies surely made my blood sugar go sky-high! 







They even have a crepe maker which you can customize from your desire! Your choice of strawberries, blueberries, peach, apples and bananas or a mix of everything whatever you want it to be! Add some candy sprinkles, mallows, choco kisses and more when your crepe is done!








To add a Pinoy twist, a halo-halo section  can be found as well! I suggest you put everything as much as you can since, well, it is buffet anyway! Lol







Cakes, cakes and more cakes, brownies, creampuffs and a whole lot more! Oh dear, don’t tell me I didn’t remind you how you can get an instant sugar rush in here! 









Love Desserts offers also “umay-busters”, pardon for the word but I guess someone has to taste something a bit different than sweet to eat more of those desserts at the buffet table! That night, they served empanadas, dynamite (chili wrapped in lumpia wrapper, dipped in mayo sauce), fresh fruits and their “Pinoy nachos”, basically your mix of nachos but they use lumpia wrapper shreds instead of tortilla chips. Awesome!








Unlimited coffee and milkshakes for everyone! Ooh I love these drinks! Add syrups as well!











At Love Desserts, memories of you staying here is treasured. They suggest you leave an imprint by using a post-it or even a photo of you and your loved-ones on their corkboards. 







Love Desserts – a haven for your sweet-tooth cravings!