Love and Relationships: 5 Ways Foreign Guys are Different in Dating

They say that the foreigners Filipinos can relate to the most are Mexicans. Probably. But Mexicans, like other Latinos or Americans, still come from the western side of the world. Thus, their ideas and mindset are far different from ours even if one would say that we had deep cultural exchanges with Mexicans during the galleon trade. They are morenos with dark hair, brown eyes, and play football. Am I describing Sergio here? However, no matter how of a gentlemen they can be, being in a relationship with one of them is like embarking into unknown shores.

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That being so, choosing to love a foreigner can be a challenge. Cultural differences and, sometimes, language barrier, can send mixed or mistaken signals that can hurt the relationship. When I decided to be with someone who didn’t share the same views and thinking about life, I was quite hesitant at first. However, despite difficulties and misunderstandings, his intentions were eventually made clear. I realized that he is the real deal. That not because I didn’t get from him what I usually expect from guys is that he’s not serious. As a guy from a different culture, his ways of expression are just different from what I was accustomed to as a Filipino.

As I’ve experienced, here are 5 ways foreign guys are different when it comes to dating:

5 signs your foreign man is serious about you

5. He won’t text you often.

Filipinos, in general, like to text. A lot. It is the most favored mode of communication in the country. Texting has also always served as a medium for wooing someone, here in the Philippines, at least. But for foreigner men, no. They just don’t understand why we need to send text messages frequently, in a speedy manner, to arrange a date, invite someone over dinner, or just to say hello. They like to solve matters directly by calling you. So don’t wonder when you haven’t gotten any text from him yet during the day. You might be surprised when he suddenly calls you. He might not text you, but he will call you.

5 signs your foreign man is serious about you

4. He won’t introduce you to his friends at first.

You might feel disappointed or frustrated that, on your first few months, he won’t introduce you to his family or friends right away. But just be patient. And first and foremost, you must earn his trust. Once he thinks that he knows you better and is serious about you, he will. Eventually, he will start to invite you to attend to some fiestas or occasions and present you to everyone as his girlfriend. So, patience is, indeed, a virtue. When you gain his trust, he will start introducing you proudly to his family and friends.

5 signs your foreign man is serious about you

3. He won’t always treat you to a fancy dinner.

On your first date, perhaps he will invite you to a fine-dining restaurant. He might even take you to the best restaurant in town serving the cuisine of where he’s from. But don’t get mad if that doesn’t happen all the time. Perhaps he simply loves cooking and would prefer to invite you to his home to show off his excellent cooking skills. Although they (Mexican men especially) are known for their machismo attributes, they might show their softer side and prepare you the most delicious food that you deserve. Isn’t it romantic? One thing is for sure, he will do his best to cook you the best dish you ever have tasted.

5 signs your foreign man is serious about you

2. He won’t express his feelings.

We, Filipinas, admit it or not, love to say or hear our significant others expressing how much they miss or love us. But have you ever been with a boyfriend who is less expressive? Don’t you worry. If he has shown you in a million ways that he loves you and cares about you, not just verbally, believe it.

And shouldn’t that be enough, anyway? That he dedicates time to be with you? That he’s concerned about you or your work? That he’s the type who calls you to see if you’re doing fine? Sometimes, his sweetness will be enough to say everything words can’t. He will show much he loves you through his deeds.

5 signs your foreign man is serious about you

1. He won’t find you attractive with your make up on.

Most girls like putting on make up to enhance our pale-looking face or flawed skin. However, some guys just don’t give this a thumbs up. Before long, he will start commenting, “You look prettier without makeup,” or “I like your natural beauty.” Right there, you’ll perhaps begin to appreciate the simplicity in you. He simply loves you in your natural way.

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