LOOK: We Found a Cool and Fun Way to Clean Gadgets!

Article by Camille Dominique Javier (IG: @camilledominiquejavier) / Photos by Maia Sevilla

We all enjoy having a neat and tidy work space; but with all the work and errands to be done, who has the time and patience to clean every little bit of their work space—from wiping the desk to cleaning the keyboard and computer screens? There’s always that chance you’ve missed a spot because there was that hard-to-reach spot or that small space in-between stuff you probably didn’t notice or were too lazy to clean out.

Don’t you just hate missing a spot? For some people, cleaning can be a stress-reliever; for others, a cause of stress. Have you ever wished that cleaning didn’t feel like a chore? What if we told you that we found a way to make cleaning fun?

Make cleaning feel a bit more like playtime with CleanBetween, the first scented cleaning slime in the Philippines!

CleanBetween slime e1518695147692

Wait, did you just say, “cleaning slime”?

You got that right! Unlike the slime you have probably seen or played with as a kid, CleanBetween isn’t the gooey or runny kind. It’s got a firm, gel-like consistency that’s specially formulated with disinfectants to absorb surface dirt and kill germs!

Ok cool, but how does it work?

Check out CleanBetween’s video guide here:

CleanBetween works on any dry, non-absorbent surface. This means that it can clean any dry surface, except for clothes and paper. It’s perfect for cleaning gadgets like your keyboard or those hard-to-reach places like the edges of your screen. It’s perfect if you’re the type of person who eats chips with crumbs falling in-between the keys all the time.

The best thing about CleanBetween is that it’s fun to play with, making it a good stress reliever and a handy cleaning tool for your work desk.

Even your little ones can get into the fun habit of cleaning, too! Kids will enjoy the different scents and colors of CleanBetween!

CleanBetween comes in four different scents and colors! Check them out below:

CleanBetween slime1 e1518695164890

Posh Pink

What’s the best way to bust the dirt? By unleashing some flower power! Posh Pink comes in a vibrant color that matches its flowery scent.

Mellow Yellow

Dusty desk? Don’t stress! Keep calm and let Mellow Yellow help you clean up that desk with its lemon scent.

CleanBetween slime2

Blue Dew

Can’t seem to shake the Monday blues? Is that mess of a desk giving you the blues? Perk things up with the refreshing scent of Blue Dew’s peppermint!

Serene Green

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Give the doctor another reason to stay away because of a cleaner space with the help of the green apple-scented Serene Green!

CleanBetween slime3 e1518696480619

CleanBetween is currently sold at bazaars and events around Metro Manila, but they also deliver. We love how responsive they were to our messages on their Facebook page when we ordered ours! We got in touch with them to learn more about their products and to get instructions on how to order.

CleanBetween delivery guide e1518695100191

INSIDER TIP: CleanBetween gives special discounts for bulk orders!! Perfect for gifts and corporate giveaways *wink wink* Order yours now!

Catch them at your local bazaars and learn more about CleanBetween by following them on social media:



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CleanBetweenPH/

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