LOOK: Water Droplets Leak on Train’s Ceiling, Inconveniences Commuters

At the start of the year, fare increase was implemented on two Light Railway Transit (LRT) systems and the Metro Rail Transit (MRT). Apparently, the main reason for the fare hike was to reduce about PhP 12 billion in subsidies to about PhP 2 billion so that the said savings would go to other social infrastructure and relief projects across the country.

However, with the increase in fare, it is also expected that the service on these train systems will be improved.

Apparently not because according to a photo sent to us by one of our readers, Jiljil Gabisan, her train ride yesterday wasn’t very convenient. Here’s what she had to say:

Just want to share this photo taken yesterday sa LRT. Yes, umuulan kahapon and yes the dots sa taas is tubig po yan, tumutulo at nakakaabala. Pati din sa kinauupuan ko may tumutulo, andaming nagrereklamo. Sa amin lang naman is sana worth it yung pagmahal ng pamasahe diba? Yung napagseserbisyuhan ka ng tama at di nakakaabala kahit sa maliliit na bagay lang. Siksikan na nga, basa ka pa.

Rough translation: Just want to share this photo taken yesterday on the LRT. Yes, it was raining yesterday and yes, the dots on the ceiling is water that’s dropping and causing inconvenience. Even in the area where I was seated, there’s water droplets and many are complaining. On our end, we wished the increase in fare was worth it, right? The service should be done right and not become an inconvenience even on the little things. The train was packed and then you get wet (by the water dropping from the ceiling.)

Here’s the photo sent to us:

Water on LRT Ceiling

What do you think should be done about this?

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