MRT and LRT Fare Hike Starts Today

MRT and LRT Fare Hike Starts Today



With classes and work of many resuming tomorrow, many people who have taken their holiday break outside of Metro Manila will be coming back soon. Thus, the streets of Manila along with the train stations servicing the city will be filled with commuters once again. If you are traveling around the city via MRT and LRT, don’t be surprised if the fare you usually pay has increased because starting today, January 4, the fare hire for MRT and LRT is effective.


According to GMA News, some passengers earlier today were still shocked of the fare hike. MRT personnel said that the signage regarding the fare hike has been posted around train stations two weeks prior today.

For those traveling today, here are the revised fare matrix for MRT and LRT released by DOTC.

The fare hike is being implemented for the improvement of the quality of service of these train systems. Still, the said fare hike had several criticism and movements against it. For an instance, Angelo Suarez, a commuter, showed his dissatisfaction with the said transportation by giving them the middle finger via CCTV camera in the stations.

Earlier this year, Suarez posted an open letter regarding the bad service of the MRT via Facebook. According to him, his insistence to improve its transportation sector was deleted by the team handling MRT’s Facebook page.

What do you think of the fare hike?

Will it really help improve the services commuters get from the MRT and LRT?

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MRT and LRT Fare Hike Starts Today