LOOK: Thoughtful gesture from staff member of pharmacy for a ‘suki’

It’s the thought that counts, really.

Facebook user James Hermogenes took it to his Facebook account how he was touched by the gesture of one the pharmacy’s assistants. He also acknowledged the other workers of the same branch, thanking them for their kindness and their efforts of going beyond the extra mile to help his family out when his mother and father were sick.


The message on the chocolate bar translates to “I don’t know any medicine that will make (you) happy.”

He captions:

“Shout out to Rechel of Mercury Drug Bocaue Branch. I’ve been refunding some meds that Dad wasn’t able to use because he passed away last week. Was surprised to see this. Thank you for tirelessly picking up meds from other branches so we can purchase them with less hassle. Thank you to your branch mates as well for the warm accommodation every time.

Thank you to Chacha , Eds and all of their branch mates in Mercury Drug Balagtas Bulacan. You guys have served my Mom and Dad well during the most trying moments of their lives up to their last breath. Thank you for making things lighter and easier for customers like us. Thank you as well to the staff of Mercury Drug Meycauayan and Mercury Drug V. Luna (when Mom had cancer) especially to Ruby. I know you guys may get some nasty personal, email and social media complaints and only a few customers really appreciate the amount of hard work you pour in your job every day but this time I’d like to commend you all for a job well done and service well rendered. Sana dumami pa ang tulad ninyo na may pagmamahal sa trabaho at may tunay malasakit sa kapwa. (I hope there are more people like you that love what they do and have genuine care towards others).

Kudos to Mercury Drug for training your staff well. May you continue servicing our people especially the poor with a lot of heart.”

We’d have to agree that we need more people like these staff members! The world is so much colorful and bright with people who have loving and caring hearts like theirs! <3

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