LOOK: This Water Gallon Cover Hides Those Unsightly Blue Bottles!

With a lot of people getting into home renovations recently, you’ve also probably tried your hand at upgrading your home. When I tried my hand at making my kitchen a little bit nicer, I realized that there are just some things I can’t change… like the huge blue water container we’ve all encountered.

If this is also something that annoys you, a solution finally exists. You can get a water gallon cover that looks amazing in your space.

water gallon cover

Photo from Shopee

This woven water gallon cover is available on Shopee for only PHP350. It’s made out of woven pandan, making it perfect for the current native aesthetic trend.

It’s locally made and a lot of reviewers are raving about how it instantly made their homes much prettier. It’s amazing how one simple thing can drastically change the look of a space.

water gallon cover 1

Photo from Shopee

This water container cover snugly fits the standard water gallon bottle. There’s also a version for the slim-type water container that has a built-in “faucet” if that’s what you have.

If you’re doing home improvement projects, this is definitely something to get.

Buy this woven water gallon cover here.

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