LOOK: This user shares a 50’s inspired diner perfect for that vintage ~aesthetic~

Admit it -nowadays (and perhaps occasionally!) our preferences for choosing our restaurants are ‘for the gram’. A perfect Instagram-worthy place for capturing photos that would match the feed for our social media accounts, or perhaps just something simply eye catchy!

Facebook user Donna Marie took it to her Twitter a restaurant she discovered whom she describes that it feels like you’re in Riverdale when you’re there.

Big Boys 1 Big Boys 2 Big Boys 3 Big Boys 4 Big Boys 5

Donna Marie is referring to Pop’s, a diner featured in the Netflix Original Series exuding the similar vibe of “Big Boy’s Diner”, the restaurant where her photos were taken. The place is located in Quezon City, Philippines.

Her caption also reveals that the price range of the diner is “student budget friendly”.

Big Boys 10

Big Boys 9 Big Boys 8 Big Boys 7 Big Boys 6

Now we’re craving for milkshakes and burgers after looking at these photos! We certainly think it’s got that vintage American aesthetic, too.

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