LOOK: This Province Has A White Sand Beach, A Waterfall & A Rice Terraces!

As ideal as it may be to travel every so often to unwind and explore the wonders of our country, the fact that it is costly plays a crucial factor. Relaxation is expensive especially when it includes airfare, pocket money, and accommodation.

But hey, did you know that there’s a province in the Philippines that will let you experience the lovely landscapes of three of the most sought destinations in the country? Yup, you can get a glimpse of Banaue, Boracay, and Antipolo by going t0 this place!

A fellow traveler in the name of Marco Dagasuhan shared his recent escape to the towns of Anda and Candijay of Bohol where he visited the Cadapdapan Rice Terraces like the one in Banaue, Can-Umantad Falls like Antipolo’s, and Anda’s beach which boasts its white sand shores like Boracay.

No need to worry because going to these three won’t break the bank since the entrance fees range from 10 to 20 pesos only. Read Marco’s full post below for more details.

Banaue?. . . No!
Boracay? . . . No!
Antipolo? . . . No!

Come to the towns of Anda and Candijay (in the province of Bohol) and experience the same wonders that you can find in other parts of the country in just one day.

Location: Brgy. Cadapdapan, Candijay
How to get there:
By private car – (4×4 vehicle) is advisable. Drive 12 kms from the highway of Lungsodaan, Candijay.
By public transport – Ride a bus (80 pesos) or van (130 pesos) from Tagbilaran City and drop off at Brgy. Lungsodaan, Candijay (92 kms | approximately 3 hours trip). Then ride habal-habal (160 pesos per head).
Entrance Fee: (includes Can-umantad Falls)
Adult – 20 pesos
Children – 10 pesos

The tallest falls in Bohol
Location: Just 15-minute trek from Cadapdapan Rice Terraces

A long strip of fine white sand spectacle like that of Boracay.

Location: Brgy. Poblacion, Anda
Environmental Fee: 10 pesos per head but access to the beach is free.

Bohol is already one of the top tourist destinations but it seems that more and more wonderful spots are discovered here. There are more attractions to visit in Anda such as Cabagnow and Combento Cave pools but I haven’t been able to try due to lack of time. Soon, when I come back. And we are talking here of Anda and Candijay only. There are more eco-tours that are must-try in the whole province of Bohol.

Time to check out those seat sales because we all know where to go next! Bohol soon, yes?

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