LOOK: This Physically Handicapped Street Sweeper Is Inspiring

Inspiration can come in many forms and can be picked up from anywhere. It can be found either in the book you just read, a movie you recently watched, or from the man that you see daily on your way to work. No matter where your inspiration is rooted from, it will surely change your perspective.

Just like the rest of us, Sonny Aurellano used to hate Mondays and how he had to get up early for work. One day, while he was on his way to the office, he noticed this street sweeper along BF Sucat Road. He realized that while he was complaining, Manong was already out on the road doing back-breaking work despite his physical disability.

Sonny was both touched and inspired so he decided to post his sentiments on Facebook. In his post, he also expressed his wish to extend help to Manong in any way. People who are familiar with Manong also posted comments that attest how hardworking and kind he is, and how he always greets everyone with a smile despite having to spend most of the day under the blistering sun.

Although he was just minding his own business and plainly doing his job, Manong inspired a lot of people. 

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