READ: Paralyzed Father Sells Snacks To Provide For Family

A father will do anything for his family.

Against all the odds, fathers will always try and find ways to protect and provide for his loved ones, that even suffering from any disability will not hinder them from showing how much they love their family.

In the case of this noble father, not even suffering from a stroke six years ago stopped him from getting back up and making sure that he put food on his family’s table. If you happen to pass by RCBC Plaza, you might have seen Moises carrying around his huge luggage of assorted snacks every day.

Read John Rene Fernandez’ full post below for more details about Moises.


Moises with a paralyzed arm is a regular sight in Tower 1 in RCBC Plaza from 10 AM to 1PM every weekday except Wednesday. Until January this year, he could go up to higher floors occupied by RCBC. Now that RFID is required as access pass to higher floors, he confines himself to the discreet end of the reception counter on the ground floor, greeting familiar RCBC faces and offering them his snacks for sale at 3 packs assorted items for only P50.

Moises is 52 years old, married with 5 school-age children and a wife who makes halo halo as income source. He had a stroke 6 years ago. When he recovered, he went back to selling snacks. It is not easy for a half-paralyzed vendor with a bulky luggage to commute from Taguig to RCBC Plaza almost every day. Sometimes, he had to make a detour because he could not climb up to the elevated pedestrian. Jeepneys would bypass him when he hails them because he has a huge luggage.

I trailed him today in RCBC Plaza and followed him out of the building until he was pushed into a jeepney bound for Guadalupe by a caring bystander. Moises proceeds to ABC building in Guadalupe to buy more goods for sale the next day. Only when he gets home at past 2pm will he be able to eat lunch.

Handicap cannot stop Moises from making a decent living for his family. I salute this survivor.

If you want to help him, you can drop by the front desk of Tower 1 in RCBC Plaza 10 AM to 1 PM, Monday to Friday except, Wednesday.

He also recognizes the help that his patrons have given him. As a sign of gratitude, Moises and his entire family personally gave out snacks to his loyal customers last Christmas.

Indeed, Moises is not only a great father but is a role model to us all.

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