LOOK: This photographer captured the other side of Valentine’s Day

There are definitely two sides of a coin.

When many of us opt to give flowers, balloons, love letters, chocolates and all other sorts to make the hearts of our significant others flutter on the day of love, there is also a different side to that. While we find the ease to search for ways on getting those gifts, there are also others who depend on us in purchasing their novelties.

Michael Perfecto (hence his name!) perfectly captured those moments yesterday during Valentine’s Day where he witnessed vendors along Katipunan Avenue selling heart-shaped balloons.

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WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Perfecto for further details.

 “I started photography last year (January 1st to be exact; it was a New Year’s resolution of mine) and Valentine’s day was the first time I thought about having a set of photos that can give meaning. Last year, it was called, Lonely Hearts on Valentine’s Day. I basically took pictures of a heart-shaped balloon around the city. Once I posted it, I had a couple of friends ask me if I let the balloons go. I said yes, then they kinda told me off since it was harming the environment. So earlier this week, I plotted a new plan for my photo set for this year’s Valentine’s.”

Perfecto is a 3rd year BS Management student from the Ateneo de Manila University, where he initially planned to take pictures inside the school.

“Instead, I decided to take pictures outside since my 8 am class was free cut. I shot from 8 am – 9 am.

Most of my shots focused more on the balloons rather than the people selling them – that was until I took a picture of the child. There was clearly a deeper and more important story that had to be told. I started thinking of what these sellers would do if it wasn’t Valentine’s day – is Valentine’s an opportunity to earn more? I figured that it was sad that these people would celebrate Valentine’s by selling balloons to cars that won’t even stop for them. I decided to take pictures of them, for this was the new story that I wanted to show. The story of the people who would not be able to celebrate this day with the ones they love.

“This is the side of Valentine’s Day that movies can never romanticize.”


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