LOOK: This Online Shop Sells K-Drama-Inspired Crocheted Dolls

Many of us have picked up new skills and hobbies during the pandemic, and one of the trending hobbies we’ve seen online is crocheting. While we’re absolutely in love with the cute clothes and other accessories made out of crocheting, we’re so excited to have discovered these cute crocheted dolls!

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Photo from Gantsilyo Ko To

Gantsilyo Ko To is an online shop that specializes in crocheted dolls or Amigurumi. Malou Gaerlan, the talented crochet artist behind these creations, started with Amigurumi way back in 2017.

She shares with WhenInManila.com that it started with a challenge. Like most crochet artists, she also started with the usual crocheted items like placemats or tumbler holders. But after seeing a bear made out of crocheting, she decided to try it out, too!

Gaerlan enjoyed creating crocheted bears for so long that she says she couldn’t even count how many she had created. That was until a friend asked for a customized crocheted doll inspired by K-Drama characters.

While she was first hesitant to take on the challenge, the special Crash Landing On You dolls turned out a lot better than she expected. So, she continued creating customized crocheted dolls and is now selling these online.

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Photo from Gantsilyo Ko To

On her Facebook page, you’ll see the many crocheted dolls inspired by K-Drama characters. There are dolls of Yoon Se-ri and Captain Ri from Crash Landing On You, Lee Gon of The King: Eternal Monarch, and even the Mang-tae doll from It’s Okay to Not Be Okay!

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If you’re not into K-Dramas, she also has some Harry Potter character dolls that you can get.

Gaerlan also accepts customized orders! You can either get crocheted dolls of your favorite oppa or even ask for a crocheted doll based on your or a loved one. She revealed that Mini Me dolls are actually some of her bestsellers.

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Photo from Gantsilyo Ko To

These customized Amigurumi starts at PHP 100 per inch, but if there are a bit more intricate details (like the zombies from Kingdom) there will be an additional fee.

We just love these adorable crocheted dolls, and it’s definitely a bonus that you can essentially get any person or character customized. Check out the Gantsilyo Ko To Facebook page to see more of these cute crocheted dolls!

Which K-Drama character would you like to have as a crocheted doll?

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