LOOK: This Newly Launched Local Brand Is All About Stylish Ethically-Made Clothing

When shopping for new clothes, we usually go straight into checking whether or not it’s in our size or if something looks good on us or not. Very rarely would we even think about the people who made the clothes that we wear. Even less likely would it be at the top of our minds. But I’m pretty sure that most of us actually care a lot about the unsung heroes behind our everyday lives. It’s just that there isn’t enough awareness on what goes on behind the scenes.

Newly launched clothing brand Candid Clothing aims to change this.

candid clothing 1Photo from Candid Clothing

Established in late 2017, Candid Clothing is a local clothing brand and social enterprise that takes into priority the welfare of local garment makers.

The woman behind this clothing line, 23-year old Sam Dizon, shares that she witnessed first-hand how garment makers can be overworked and underpaid. Hailing from the Garment Capital of the Philippines, this young entrepreneur grew up surrounded by cloths and sewing materials from her grandmother’s job as a seamstress.

candid clothing 3Sam Dizon, founder of Candid Clothing // (Photo from Candid Clothing)

“My family was lucky to have the opportunity to get out of poverty, but a lot of the garment makers still get paid as low as PHP 4 per piece. Candid was created to give that same opportunity to our community of sewers,” she says.

With Candid Clothing, local garment makers are empowered “not only through fair wages and benefits, but also through flexible work schedules and financial education.”

Aside from being socially responsible, Candid Clothing also offers fashionable and timeless clothing pieces that are perfect for your everyday #OOTD! So far, they have released two original designs.

candid clothing 4Make-The-Shift Dress (PHP 990) // (Photo from Candid Clothing)

Their Make-The-Shift Dress is made of such breathable fabric that’s perfect for keeping you fresh yet stylish even in our country’s hot weather.

It’s got a simple yet elegant design that compliments any body type because it doesn’t have tight waistlines or unflattering hems. Plus, it’s got pockets! Every girl’s dream.

candid clothing 2The Easy Skort (PHP 690) // (Photo from Candid Clothing)

They also have the Easy Skorts which are basically the best thing for girls who just can’t decide between skirts and shorts. It’s great because it allows you to move around easily without having to worry about what people can see, yet it still makes you look super fashionable.

These stylish pieces will make you proud to wear them–not just because of it’s trendy look but also because of what they stand for.

We dream of the day when ethically-made is no longer the exception—but the rule. As pioneers in ethical production of mainstream fashion, we want our clothes to spark conversations about transparency, ethics, and sustainability in the industry.

It’s truly a huge step forward for the fashion world to have such advocacies and social responsibility. Candid Clothing indeed gives us the hope that the industry can take care of its producers as well as consumers.

With Candid Clothing, you can be stylish and fashionable while supporting a great cause!

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