LOOK: This Mom Orders ‘Moana’ Cake for Daughter, Gets ‘Marijuana’ Cake Instead

Personally, I love cake. I’d take cake over ice cream any day (don’t @ me). Themed cakes are especially amazing to look at and usually amazing to eat, too. So when Kensli Davis’ mother called their local shop to order a Moana themed ice cream cake for her daughter, she never expected to receive a cake that’s decorated with a marijuana leaf on it instead.

The cake features white icing with one side taken up by Mary Jane, and the other with an image of a My Little Pony character getting high. Kensli told CNN that the lady who made her cake offered to make her another one because of the mix-up, but they declined since the cake was still perfectly good anyway.

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What would you do if you received a marijuana-themed cake for your birthday?


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