LOOK: This man swam for 7 hrs 43 min for a good cause!

Adrenaline rush allows us to be at our most superb state.

But for this man, who swam for 7 hrs and 43 minutes straight covering 23.51 km; a healthy lifestyle, an astounding background in competing at marathons nor having strong lungs aren’t enough to tolerate that great swim. It would have to be his passionate heart and focused mindset behind that exceptional journey.

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The long distance swimmer, marathoner and environmental lawyer, Ingemar Macarine,  is the same man who swam 15.15 kilometers across the Bohol Sea in 5Hours & 59 Minutes to promote clean seas. The numbers and records just keep getting higher, and the reasons just get bigger and more heartening!

The reason for swimming the great distance this time around? To not just promote tourism in Camiguin (his origin of swim), but to once again promote cleaner seas and peace between “Brother Muslims and Christians in Mindanao“.

Whoa, that’s going beyond the extra mile .. literally!

Aquaman 4 Aquaman 2

Dubbed as the ‘Pinoy Aquaman’, Macarine braved other great distances and water conditions not just in Philippine coastal waters but also in the freezing Hudson River in New York last May, according to Philippine Daily Inquirer where he swam 8.4 km. He has also participated in marathons; and is currently the election lawyer of Tubigon. He is also an active president of the Surigao Runners Club and where he also took charge of organizing other running events.

We appreciate your kind heart and unique promotion on your advocacies, Sir!

Congratulations on another milestone!

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