LOOK: This glorious photo & time-lapse of a thunderbolt captured in Cebu

You can still find glory in the darkest of days .. literally.

It’s not an unfamiliar scene to see thunderbolt pretty often nowadays, let alone showers – since it’s currently typhoon season in the Philippines. While some would run for shelter or hide from the fear of getting struck by lightning, photographer slash student John Beryl Go took a chance on capturing the grandeur picturesque of the lights in the heavens amidst the dark sky.

Previously, he caught our attention with his awesome aerial shots of Cebu. Now, his talent in photography called our attention once again when he uploaded photos and a time-lapse of dispersing clouds with a lightning at the heart of the huge chunk – and it’s absolutely majestic to watch and see.

In case you missed our feature on him, Go is a Zamboanga native that moved to Cebu City for his studies. He regards the Queen City of the South as his second home.

What was up on his sleeve this time around?

“I took these photos somewhere around 9:30 pm, I believe. I was on my back to my dorm from a café and while I was still on my way there, I noticed the skies were flickering. What I noticed first was how large the moon was; yet when I looked to my far left, I saw some clouds forming into something massive. That was when I noticed there were flickering lights behind it.”

Excited and determined to capture the moment, Go rushed back to his dorm to be back just in time to document the phenomenon.

“I pulled out my camera and started taking photos. Since I took lots of photos, while scrolling through my camera’s screen, I noticed the photos were moving. That was when I decided to take a time-lapse.”

Go admits he was a little hesitant and scared, initially.

“I thought it was coming towards where I was. Fortunately, it died down after an hour or so. If I had any idea that a thunderstorm would show up, I could’ve charged my camera and extended the length of the time-lapse, haha. I know that there’s always a next time.”

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Disclaimer: WheninManila.com does not own the cover photo. Credits go to John Beryl Go.