LOOK: This Filipina spent only Php 10 to fill in her eyebrows!

OMG, we can’t believe she did this!

We don’t recommend trying this at home, but this user was able to maximize Php 10 for made up eyebrows.

Facebook user Kyle Ocampo was resourceful in filling in her eyebrows where she spent ONLY Php 10 (20 US cents). Ocampo was able to make this happen by using blackening shampoo. She uploaded the process and results on Facebook, much to the delight and amusement of not just makeup junkies but also social media users.

(Caption’s rough translation):


So there, I saw this on Facebook and I wanted to try it out. I was jealous and I found the results amusing, grabe HAHAHA. Come to think of it, it usually takes me 30 minutes for me do fill in my eyebrows. (Shoutout to my friends – they know what I’m talking about!) You’ll save a lot of your time especially for those who love filling in their eyebrows. There isn’t anything wrong not unless you try it out yourself. Julia (Barretto) did say that nothing’s certain, but sometimes you have to believe. (In reference to Julia Barretto’s character Mika in her recent film Love You To The Stars and Back.)

TIPS: In order for you to perfect this, [your eyebrows] should be threaded or at least plucked.


Make sure you’re not allergic to henna. You can find out if you’re allergic if you add some of the formula unto your skin. If your skin reacts. don’t push through with it!

Through nine photos and four videos, she thoroughly explained the steps without costing a fortune – with just a meek budget of Php 10.

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Ocampo for further details.

“I want to share what I did to my brows. Because [I believe] I don’t really have nice eyebrows, I created my own technique to save time doing my eyebrows every day, since we all know how much [effort] it takes to draw brows when you don’t have much eyebrow hair. I first bought blackening shampoo and it only cost me Php 10. Next, I got a mixing palette then added some water. I used an angled brush afterwards to fill my eyebrows as well as concealer to outline them. I let it sit for around 15 minutes. After that, I got soap and a towel to rinse it off and the results were revealed there. I figured the results were nice but I would recommend if your eyebrows were threaded so that you won’t have difficulty filling in the blackening shampoo.”

And there you have it!

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