LOOK: This Elderly Couple On The Sweetest Date Will Make You Believe In Love

The cutest snapshot of an elderly couple on what is presumably a date has been making its rounds on Facebook. It has gone wildly viral for inducing intense feelings of kilig by whoever comes across the photo. While the person behind the camera wasn’t able to get the story of the couple, the love and care they have for one another shine through regardless.

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The devoted way the elderly man stares into his date’s eyes still look so full of happy love that it made many people caption and comment it with their wish for a love this strong and lasting. The original caption on the Facebook post even reads: “Pagtanda natin [when we grow old], I’d still look at you like this.”

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Several of the comments on the original post were simply people tagging their significant other’s. The top comment sweetly references that fact and says: “Sana lahat ng mga minention niyo makasama niyo hanggang sa pagtanda [Hopefully those you mention in the comments are the ones you’ll grow old with].”

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