LOOK: This Dog Is Sporting Really Cute Hairstyles!

Not only hoomans can sport really cute hairstyles, dogs can too!

From pony tails, ribboned hair to braids and pigtails, yup, you name it because this dog has it.

Check out these #hairstylegoals pawtos of this cute little pup. These hairstyles are so good, we should probably coin the term ‘furstyles’.

6. Buns

5. Ribboned Hair

4. Braids

3. Pigtail + braids

2. Fedora

1. Hair accessories

Look, here are different hairstyles for  different activities and errands.

Aren’t they all fab?

Oh well, this dog’s fur has definitely way more fashionable hairstyles than my always-messy-and-frizzy hair.

Do you also style your dog’s hair? Tell us all about it in the comments.