LOOK: This Beauty Supplement Has Guava, Kamias and Bignay!

The world is rosier when women are empowered to make decisions about their lives and their bodies. Self-care is one of the best things women can do for themselves.

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As it’s International Women’s Month, here are some tips on how you can practice some self-care:

  1. Make time for breakfast, which is considered the most important part of the day. You don’t need an hour. Just 15-20 minutes a day to savor your toast, coffee and fruit are enough to give you a a good head start.
  2. Cleanse your face properly before bedtime. Double cleansing is always advised especially if you wear makeup or apply skincare products during the day.
  3. Take little breaks during your work day to do the things you love, such a playing with your pets or watering your plants.
  4. For International Women’s Month, take self-care to another level by taking Rosy Peel Plus, an FDA-approved herbal beauty supplement.

Rosy Peel combines the power of collagen and natural ingredients in a capsule that contains strawberry extract, guava, kamias and bignay.

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Photo by Any Lane from Pexels

Strawberry extract has anti-aging properties and is rich in vitamin C, collagen and folic acid. Guava extract helps to minimize wrinkles and dark spots and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

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Photo by Any Lane from Pexels

Kamias provides relief from swelling and also brightens skin while the berry-like bignay is rich in antioxidants.

So what can you expect when you take Rosy Peel Plus every day? It will improve the texture and tone of your skin, brighten dark spots on and give you that a glow-from-within.

Rosy Peel Plus is in capsule form so you’d have no trouble taking it. You can just include it in the line-up of vitamins and supplements you take every day. Rosy Peel Plus also helps protect your body and heal it from illnesses and even cuts and wounds, thanks to vitamin C.

Rosy Peel Plus is available at leading drugstores such as Mercury Drug and online channels such as Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, and Zilingo. You can also get Rosy Peel Plus from Grab Mart and MetroMart for same-day delivery.

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