LOOK: This Bali-style private garden is the hideaway you need in Tagaytay

Tagaytay City is already abounding with hotels and resorts that cater to the many city-dwellers who want to enjoy the coolness of this famous weekend destination. But with all of these accommodation options, it’s quite difficult to find one that truly gives you privacy and quietness that we’re all looking for when escaping the city.

We’ve discovered a serene paradise right in the heart of Tagaytay that’s sure to give you the peace and tranquility you need.

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Moon Garden is a rustic Bali-style Airbnb that’s located just a couple of meters away from the famous Starbucks in Tagaytay. From the name itself, it is a garden that houses seven casitas and one much larger “Birdhouse”.

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The casitas, with its stone walls and wooden accents, can romantically accommodate couples. It’s got a very comfortable queen-sized bed, cable TV, and a very large bathroom that’s already Instagrammable by itself.

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The Birdhouse is the only one of its kind in the property and can house up to 4 people. It’s surrounded by large windows that bring in natural sunlight and cool Tagaytay breeze. Walk down the stairs and you’ll step into the bathroom that’s just as spacious as your bedroom. You’ll definitely feel that you’ve escaped the cramped up city life with all the space you’ll get in this Airbnb.

It’s also worth noting that the casitas are perfectly spaced out across the property.

Lack of privacy won’t be an issue.

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Outside of the casitas, just going up a couple of steps, is the pavilion where you’ll be checking in. It’s also in this area that you can enjoy the mouthwatering complimentary breakfast that they offer. You can choose from their Pinoy breakfast meals (complete with your choice of egg) or a Western type of breakfast. (Pro tip: you can order another breakfast meal anytime until 8 PM if you don’t feel like leaving the property for lunch or dinner!)

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The food is actually something to look forward to. During our stay, we got to try every one of the breakfast options, and they were all amazing. Plus, you get fruit platters and delicious coffee or tea. It’s not like other homestays or hotels that serve cheap breakfast just so that they could offer it. Breakfast at Moon Garden deserves a spotlight of its own.

At the pavilion, there are lots of relaxing spots where you can lounge around while you enjoy the quietness of nature.

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There are also two cabanas which, I think, are the best places to chill. One is a floating cabana, which easily gives out that Bali vibe. And the other is a more hidden sunken cabana surrounded by water and greenery.

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You’ll also be joined by some fish under the floating cabana, and quite a number of croaking frogs and toads. It’s like stepping into a new world that you’ll momentarily forget you’re in Tagaytay.

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Aside from the blooming garden and lounge areas, Moon Garden is filled with rustic details that would look great on your Instagram feed. But of course, it’s also a great place to just put down your phone and enjoy the quietness of nature.

(Another pro tip: they have promo rates for pre-nup shoots which include an overnight stay for the couple!)

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If you’re looking for a place in Tagaytay that will legitimately give you peace and serenity–no frills, just the quietness of nature–then reserve your own casita at Moon Garden!

Casita rates are at PHP 3,450 for 2 (with breakfast!)

Moon Garden Tagaytay

SVD Road, San Jose, Tagaytay City