LOOK: These Riverdale-Inspired Photos of Makati Are Mesmerizing

Riverdale is one of the hottest American shows of this year, and while the first season has just ended, Riverdale fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the season two.

So while there are no new episodes to watch out for regularly, fans have turned to other Riverdale-inspired things to keep themselves busy.

An example is this series of photos taken by Napier Tolentino which has gone viral over Facebook because of its recognizable aesthetic.

Napier took photos of a few streets in Makati at night and edited it to make it look like locations from Riverdale! Take a look at a few of the photos below:

makati riverdale 2Photo by Napier Tolentino

MAKATI RIVERDALEPhoto by Napier Tolentino

makati riverdale 4Photo by Napier Tolentino

Those retro lights and magenta/cyan hues are really making me feel the Riverdale vibes of these photos.

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Napier shares that these photos were taken along Makati Avenue–P. Burgos Street to be exact. The reimagination of these seemingly ordinary spots in Makati is definitely something that’s hard to unsee.

Now, when I happen to walk through these streets, I’ll definitely feel like the star of my very own Riverdale episode.

Check out the full album here:

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