WATCH: The Riverdale Girls Dancing To Willie Revillame Is The Video You Never Knew You Needed

Riverdale is one of the American shows that has been getting a lot of hype from social media lately. People have been talking about the cast (*ahem* Cole Sprouse), its story, how much it differs from the OG Archie comics, and basically everything about the show.

Of course, Pinoys have always proven to be such creative (and very funny) people. Anything famous would almost always have a Pinoy counterpart or parody. We just can’t help ourselves!

So, here’s a dose of Pinoy humor injected into the famous Riverdale series.

Yves Galo posted a clip from the show itself–one showing female characters Cheryl Blossom and Veronica Lodge dancing in what looks like a school gym. It looks ordinary at first, but when you turn up the volume, you’ll realize what’s wrong. The music they were dancing to was actually a Willie Revillame song!

Check it out below:

Cheryl Blossom and Veronica Lodge as Willie Revillame’s dancers. #riverdale

Fans of both Riverdale and the famous game show host himself enjoyed the video so much that it has already been viewed more than 3,000 times.

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Honestly, it deserves all the shares and likes. This video makes Cheryl and Veronica look like they are ready to give five thousand pesos to a game show contestant. Seeing this on my news feed was the highlight of my night.

Ahh, Pinoy humor. Never change.

What did you think of this Pinoy version of Riverdale? Have you seen any cool videos lately? Share it with us!

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