LOOK: These Makeshift ‘Beauty Queen Outfits’ Are On Fleek


Who would have thought fresh grass, dry grass, and flowering shrubs can be used directly for amazing makeshift beauty queen outfits.

Suchanatda Kaewsa-nga shared photos of these amazing creations, which can even be acceptable as legit beauty queen outfits.

From these photos, you can see regular materials like grass turned into Victoria Secret model-like wings and “trapal”¬†(tarpaulin-like durable plastic sheet for waterproofing) turned into a long dress.

Check out these beautiful handiwork. Such amazing craftsmanship for this outfits.

beauty-queen-outfits-on-fleek-1 beauty-queen-outfits-on-fleek-2 beauty-queen-outfits-on-fleek-3 beauty-queen-outfits-on-fleek-5 beauty-queen-outfits-on-fleek-6 beauty-queen-outfits-on-fleek-7 beauty-queen-outfits-on-fleek-8 beauty-queen-outfits-on-fleek-9 beauty-queen-outfits-on-fleek-10 beauty-queen-outfits-on-fleek-11 beauty-queen-outfits-on-fleek-12 beauty-queen-outfits-on-fleek-13 beauty-queen-outfits-on-fleek-14

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