LOOK: These “Destroyed” Sneakers Cost Almost PHP 100,000

In a recent campaign, luxury fashion house Balenciaga has unveiled a series of roughed-up sneakers.

Severely tattered shoes were featured in the photos shot by photographer Leopold Duchemin for the brand. This was in line with Paris Sneaker‘s launch last week, which the internet reportedly did not receive well.

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Photos from Balenciaga.com

As it turns out though, the images are exaggerated, limited-edition versions of the sneakers, according to the Paris-based brand. The campaign photos apparently presented the shoes after they have been “extremely worn, marked up, and dirtied.” These images “suggest that Paris Sneaker are meant to be worn for a lifetime,” Balenciaga said in a press release.

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Photos from Balenciaga.com

The collection consists of three main varieties:

  • “Paris High Top Sneaker” (now available for $625/roughly Php 33K)
  • “Paris Sneaker Mule” (available for pre-order; $495/roughly Php 26K), and
  • “Paris High Top Sneaker Full Destroyed”
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Photos from Balenciaga.com

Full Destroyed is the limited-edition version of the sneakers, which will be available to buy soon for $1,850 [roughly Php 97K].

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Photos from Balenciaga.com

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