LOOK: These Christmas Cards Hold an Amazing Secret

We have been beset by seemingly endless stories of loss this past year—the loss of loved ones, loss of basic freedoms, and even loss of access to the truth. But before the year ends, don’t you think we should now make an effort to heal all this negativity? By sharing uplifting messages and true stories of hope to each other for a change? 

It can be hard, I know. But what if there was a way to make the process easier?

A group of young volunteers who reach out to marginalized communities, teaching children about human dignity and character formation, asks, “why not try writing a letter and sending it with a Christmas card?”

But not just any card. These youths have created a card with a star embedded in the paper, that you can pop out to double as a star ornament to have that little bit more of Christmas cheer in your home or office.

But that’s not really the secret. The secret is what’s in your heart that you will write. Here is a suggestion.

Write something nice, something unforgettable, something funny, and something to make your recipient feel good. Tell a story. What event happened this year that made the world a better place? That made you a better person? What was the most difficult or painful experience you faced this year that you learned from? Or are trying your hardest to overcome?

What’s important is that you spread positivity and you will make the person who will receive your letter feel loved and respected.

Paper Stars

Albeit beautiful, these are more than paper cards.

They are symbols of hope and positivity.

They are vehicles by which you can share uplifting messages and lessen someone’s loneliness.

Support for Youth Programs

These youth volunteers belong to the World Youth Alliance (WYA), which conducts educational outreach activities to marginalized communities. The group also organizes the Emerging Leaders Conference, where students are educated about the pressing issues in our world today.

They are selling these Paper Star Cards to help raise funds for these programs.

How to order

The cards come in singles, packs of 5, packs of 10, and at discounted prices for bulk orders of 50, 100, 500, and 1000.

A single card is 200 pesos, a pack of 5 is 900 pesos, and a pack of 10 is 900 pesos. Get huge discounts for bulk orders–100 pieces is 12,000 pesos; 500 pieces is 50,000; and 1,000 pieces is 90,000 pesos.

All card packages are exclusive of shipping fees should you wish to have the cards delivered to your doorstep. You may drop by at the WYA office to claim the cards (Unit 303 Xanland Place, 323 Katipunan Ave. Loyola Heights, Quezon City).

Payments can be made via PayPal, bank deposit, bank transfer, or in person at the WYA Asia Pacific office. Your Paper Star will be delivered upon receipt of your payment.

WYA is also facilitating a letter exchange program. Send a letter and receive one in turn. Join via online or send your letter with the card to the WYA office.  For more inquiries, contact asiapacific@­wya.net.

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Order your cards now at www.tinyurl.com/wyaapstars.

Learn more about how you can join the letter exchange by visiting www.wya.net/paperstars.

What do you think of reviving the letter-writing tradition? Share your thoughts below!

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