LOOK: There’s an Emerging Video Community for Anime, Comics, and Gaming Fans!

Anime, comics, and gaming enthusiasts are flocking to the new and emerging online platform Bilibili.

Bilibili, one of the hottest video platforms on the internet right now, champions entertaining and high-quality user-generated content, on top of hosting the largest anime inventory in SEA. With the increasing number of talented Filipino content creators joining worldwide and over 2.8 million monthly video submissions, Bilibili is poised to become the go-to online home for Filipino anime and comics fans, and gamers.

One signature feature of Bilibili is its Flying Comment which lets users connect and interact with other like-minded members in real-time. It resolves a pain point users may experience with traditional comment sections that only allow them to write summarized and final remarks. But with Flying Comment, you can convey your real-time feelings and opinions precisely at the time when such feelings and opinions arise, allowing you to engage more with the content and cultivating a more interactive atmosphere.

It also allows video creators to hear more voices and draw inspiration from viewers.

One more thing that we super-duper like about Bilibili is that it doesn’t have in-video ads! Bilibili only shows in-feed ads, which are natively presented to users based on its algorithm. 

Long-time anime fan Mark Andrei, who goes by the name WeabOtakuPH on Bilibili, tells us about how he started his Bilibili channel and how the Bilibili community has been helping him in pursuing his content creator goals! He also talks to us about his love for anime, his vlogging journey and creative process, and how he engages with his viewers.

“I like the Bilibili community because it provides a venue for us, content creators, to interact with fellow anime fans,” says WeabOtakuPH. “It’s also not a toxic community, and the overall atmosphere is very enjoyable.”

Watch the video below and get inspired by Bilibili Creator WeabOtakuPH! Who knows, this might be the sign that you’re waiting for to start creating with Bilibili!

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