LOOK: There’s a New Speakeasy in San Juan La Union

San Juan’s surf scene isn’t just about catching waves anymore. Tucked away in the heart of Urbiztondo is Oculta, a new speakeasy that promises an after-surf escape unlike any other.

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This isn’t your typical beach bar. Oculta, which means “hidden” or “cult” in Spanish, lives up to its name. Finding it requires being “in the know” – whispers and word-of-mouth are the only keys that unlock its mysterious entrance.

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Step inside, and you’ll be transported to another world. Dim lighting and plush furnishings create an intimate, almost secretive ambiance. The air thrums with a carefully curated selection of music to keep the hill vibes going.

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Oculta isn’t just about the atmosphere, though. Their cocktail menu boasts a selection of inventive concoctions they playfully call “poisons” – a nod to the speakeasy’s vibe.

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But Oculta is more than just drinks. It’s a community. The speakeasy caters to people who crave something more than the ordinary.

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Everyone is still keeping hush hush about this new speakeasy but we got a few clues for you. Oculta is located inside a liquor store and if you are lucky, destiny might bring you there.