LOOK: The Lost Boys PH Gives Back This Christmas

Christmas is the season of love and giving.

And so, The Lost Boys, a group of three hoteliers in the names of Kirk Del Rosario, Brian Malig, and Ron Lopez who took a break from their jobs in order to travel to different destinations in the country, stick through with the real essence of Christmas. They decided to halt their adventures for the last two months of the year in order to give back to the less fortunate with the help of their families, friends and good-willed sponsors.

As seen on the video, Kirk, Brian and Ron gave out bags to the people in need who find shelter in the streets. These bags have basic toiletries, canned goods, food, rice, pillows, towels and many more inside them.

Even without words, we can see how grateful those who received them are and how moving a random act of kindness can be.

May this story inspire us all to look beyond the fancy-schmancy version of Christmas and go back to the purest thing there is – love.

Have a happy holidays, guys! How did this story make you feel?


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