LOOK: This Teletubby Hanging in a Tricycle Creeps Out Passengers

Is it a Halloween gimmick or did he just happen to drop his kid’s stuffed toy in the mud during his trips? We may never know, but Prince Larisma from Pampanga got the fright of his life when he came across this creepy Teletubby hanging in a tricycle he rode one day.

Teletubby in Tricycle

Prince shares that he has been a fan of the Teletubbies since he was a kid, but he’s not sure why the tricycle driver hung one up in his trike.

Siguro panakot sa mga hindi nagbabayad?” [Probably to scare off customers who don’t pay?] Prince muses.

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Either way, he definitely wasn’t a fan of it. “Sana alisin na. Baka atakihin sa puso yung susunod na sasakay lalo na pag gabi yung mata palang ng doll, sobrang creepy na,” Prince says. [I hope he removes it. Someone might get a heart attack, especially at night. The eyes of the doll are already creepy as it is.]

Have you seen any creepy stuff lurking around now that Halloween is near? Share them with us!