LOOK: Stunning Fan Art of Liza Soberano as the ‘Millennial Darna’

After iconic Pinay celebrities Vilma Santos, Angel Locsin, and Marian Rivera played Darna in the past, the news that Liza Soberano might play the new Darna was one that surprised a lot of people. Well, it has finally been confirmed that Liza will, in fact, be taking on the role.

While netizens seem to be torn on whether this is a good casting choice or not, we came across this stunning bit of fan art by illustrator and designer poster connoisseur Vincent Aseo on Instagram that we absolutely fell in love with:

In his caption, Vincent says that he is very excited for the film that will be directed by Erik Matti. Check out more of his awesome artwork on his Instagram account here.

The expectations are definitely much higher now, thanks to this bit of fan art. :p Kidding aside, though, I think Liza really should be given a chance. After all, Gal Gadot didn’t really fit the bill as Wonder Woman before she became the superhero and now look at her!

Let’s keep the positivity rolling! Have you seen any other awesome fan art of Liza as Darna lately? Share them with us!