LOOK: Students in Misamis Oriental School Use Art to Combat Vandalism

Vandalism is something that seems pretty inevitable, especially in public spaces. However, this public school in Misamis Oriental decided to put matters in their own hands – quite literally, too.

With the help of their artistic students, Sta. Ana National High School in Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental painted their entire campus with nature-themed images.

The plain walls of the school transformed into beautiful sceneries with sunsets and beaches. Not only are they vibrant and beautiful to look at, but these art pieces aim to dissuade possible vandals from dirtying up the halls of the school.

Hopefully, this inspires other schools to turn their plain walls into canvases on which artistic students can express their creativity and also beautify their surroundings.

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What do you think of this initiative to battle vandalism?


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