LOOK: Sitti Rides the MRT Again After 11 Years

We have seen celebrities riding the trains before. Anne Curtis took the MRT before to watch Kylie Minogue’s concert. Kris Aquino also rode the MRT to beat the traffic and reach an event. Meanwhile, last December, Jaime Augusto Ayala de Zobel II (JAZA), chairman and CEO of one of the country’s biggest corporations, was spotted riding the LRT.

Today, Sitti Navarro is added on that list.

On her post on her Facebook page, the Bossa Nova singer posted the photo below.

Sitti MRT

After eleven years, I got to ride the MRT again.

Husband and I had a miscomm(unication) this morning, so no ride for me. Had to go to Faces and Curves in Greenhills to have a laser facial treatment. I ubered there from Parañaque, and cringed at the subsequent P215 bill. I knew to uber back was not an option.

Wednesdays are my “artist date” days, in which I take my “inner artist” out for a date to do whatever she wanted. (I’ve just gotten back into this practice.) My artist is extremely moody, some days she yearns for normalcy, other days, for adventure. Well, you guessed it! Today, we had an adventure. ????

We wonder if her MRT experience today is as tough as the one commuters experienced last March 9, the super long line in North Ave. station.

How about you? How’s your train (MRT/LRT) experience today?

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