LOOK: Sealed Copy of NES Game ‘Kid Icarus’ Was Sold For ~Php467,000

If you think nothing good could come out of video games, then think again. Scott Amos of Reno, Nevada just profited thousands of dollars from a sealed copy of a retro Nintendo video game that was collecting dust in his attic. The video game in question was a 1987 Nintendo Entertainment System game called Kid Icarus. Along with it, he found its receipt that proves it was originally brought for $38.45 (~Php 1,996) in December 1998.

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Amos is no stranger to video games and knew that he could sell it for around $200 (~Php 10,000). Little did he know that he was about to receive way more than that. To his surprise, the game was sold at a whopping $9,000 (~Php 467,000) at an auction. That’s about 200 times more than the game’s original price! I bet this story will urge a lot of people to clean their attics in hopes of finding a gem.

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