LOOK: Robin Padilla Surprises Movie Goers at an ‘Unexpectedly Yours’ Block Screening

Article by Camille Dominique Javier  / Photos by Jeanne Dizon and Arah Reguyal

Last November 30, 2017, Star Cinema’s ‘Unexpectedly Yours’ aired a special block screening at the Dolphy Theater. Some lucky fans and guests were treated with a surprise visit and speech from action blockbuster star, Robin Padilla,who plays a tough but sweet seaman courting his high school crush (played by Sharon Cuneta).

Unexpectedly yours Jeanne Dizon 2

Padilla thanked all those present at the block screening and even invited his daughter Kylie Padilla to the stage, who came to watch and support her dad.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith was also there to enjoy the movie with her date, Jeff Ortega.

Unexpectedly Yours Arah Reguyal 5

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Unexpectedly Yours stars two powerhouse love teams: Sharon Cuneta and Robin Padilla, and Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto aka JoshLia. The film centers around the developing romance of Patty, a Chief Marketing Officer in the state of menopause (Sharon Cuneta), and a returning seaman in search of love (Robin Padilla) with his lovestruck nephew Jason (Joshua Garcia). Julia Barretto plays Yanni, Cuneta’s millennial, go-getter daughter and Garcia’s love interest.

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Unexpectedly yours Jeanne Dizon 3

‘Unexpectedly Yours’ has received a warm reception and positive reviews since its premiere with a grade of “A” by the Cinema Evaluation Board. Wondering what movie to take your date to this Christmas season? ‘Unexpectedly Yours’ is the perfect feel-good romantic comedy to take anyone to, whether it be your crush, barkada, or family.

The powerhouse love teams of Padilla-Cuneta and JoshLia make the film relatable to audiences of all ages as it reminds us that in love, age is just a number. Also: always let love surprise you.


Go see ‘Unexpectedly Yours’ this Christmas season! It is currently showing in 230 cinemas nationwide and internationally in the Middle East (Dec. 7), U.S. and Canada (Dec. 8), U.K. (Dec. 9 and 10), and Dec. 10 in Austria, Spain, Greece, Malta, and Italy, Australia and New Zealand (Dec. 14), and Taiwan (Dec. 17).