LOOK: Pro Martial Law Millennials Meet Martial Law Victims & These Are Their Reactions

A few days ago, we remembered the anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law, 44 years past. With the passage of that fateful date, we acknowledge the reality of that dark time in Philippine history. It is through remembering what had transpired on September 21, 1972 and the subsequent Martial Law years that we can prevent such from happening again.

But, there are those who are too young to remember. So, we must remind them.

Because of lack of proper education on the topic, there are those young millennials who believe that the Martial Law years under the Marcos Regime was a prosperous time in PH history. In a video by CARMMA, these Pinoy youths are put face to face with Martial Law abuse victims and this is how they reacted:


pro-martial-law-meets-martial-law-survivors1These first time voters tried to keep a brave face when the victims told them the stories of their arrests and torture.


But towards the end, they all cracked when they realized what price had to be paid for the “discipline” during the regime.




This girl apologized for saying she was pro Martial Law. She explained that she had no idea about the abuses people suffered.


Read more about the video by The Campaign Against the Return of the Marcoses to Malacanang or CARMMA HERE. 

Watch the whole video here:

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