LOOK: These Pinoy Superhero Versions are HILARIOUS!

Victor Magtanggol is definitely hot on the airwaves and for the GO Cavite page, this seems to have just opened up a whole Pandora’s box of possibilities: what if there were other Pinoy versions of superheroes out there ready to save the world from evil? The GO Cavite did exactly that.

In their caption, GO Cavite says, “Hahayaan ba namin magisa si Victor Magtanggol? Narito na ang ilang maaaring tumulong o maging katunggali ng ating bagong tagapag tanggol!” [Would we leave Victor Magtanggol to fend for himself? Here are some people who might be able to help our new defender!]

Vina Morales as Venom or VENOMorales

Fanny Serrano as The Punisher or Punisherano

Lucky Manzano as Loki (Manzano)

Gwen Zamora as Gwen Gamora

And because advance siya magisip… ta-da!

See the full album here.

If you have any more ideas for Pinoy superheroes, GO Cavite urges you to send them a message. Who knows? They might make a new poster with your idea!

GO Cavite


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