LOOK: Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla Opens Up About Her Insecurities—and How She Bounced Back

Article by Camille Geguera

The Journey After Giving Birth

In November 2016, Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla gave birth to a lovely baby girl named Maria Isabela. Along the journey of motherhood, the actress admitted that she lost the “Mariel” that she knew—someone who is confident in her own skin. Due to having a low milk supply, Mariel had to eat more which resulted to her gaining weight post-pregnancy.

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It’s totally normal for moms to gain weight after giving birth due to hormonal imbalance. However, as a celebrity living a life in the public eye, this affected Mariel’s self-esteem. “I had really, really bad post-partum depression,” she openly shared. Alongside this, she also has PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). She admitted that she wasn’t feeling herself after giving birth. She won’t even go out with friends, declined several interviews and as job offers, too. It got so bad that she couldn’t even post pictures of herself on Instagram!

Finally, the actress shared, she felt like she had to do something to feel like herself again. And so she did.

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Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla worked on regaining her self-confidence

Regaining “Mariel”

Mariel knew the first step to gaining her spark back is by taking action. She realized that even though being a mother and a wife entails so much responsibilities, a woman must not forget to take good care of herself, too.

So, in August 2017, Mariel decided to sign up for Marie France, a company that helps women transform their lives through healthy, safe, and effective programs. She knew that transformation takes time, but also understood that effort and patience are important factors in achieving her goal of regaining herself. Discipline, too.

Mariel is now open about that phase in her life, hoping that her story might inspire fellow moms—and even moms-to-be. “I want them to know that they are not alone. It really happens,” she said.

Watch this video about her journey:

Here's how Mariel Padilla lost her baby weight!

Mariel is definitely one hot momma <3

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Making the decision to actively improve oneself and change the things that make yo unhappy is not always easy, but Mariel proved that making that commitment for yourself pays off. That loving yourself enough to do something is worth everything.

“If you yourself are not happy, do something about it because no one else will,” she said. And with extra help from Marie France, Mariel was able to regain her spark, her confidence. “I still have a long way to go but I wouldn’t be able to do this with just myself,” the actress happily said.

If there is anything Mariel’s story teaches us, it is this: investing in yourself never goes out of style.

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