Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla Shares How She Lost 40lbs!

Article and Photos by Denise Nicole Uy

Isabela was running around Marie France admiring the pretty pink balloons. It was adorable to see her cling to her mom so lovingly! “You know I noticed that she calls me Mommy when she wants something,” Mariel laughs. “The rest of the time, she calls me Mama!”

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Meeting Mommy Mariel

“I had to eat a lot, as in a lot, so I’d have enough milk for Isabela,” Mariel shares. “I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) so that made it harder for me to have her!” Of course, eating all that food also had other effects. Mariel says that she gained a lot of weight to the point she was too embarrassed to leave her house.

She says it felt like people were judging her and what her body became, and she’d even say no when people would ask to hang out with her! But then 2018 happened, and this is her comeback year to herself. Goodbye, self-doubt’ Mariel is back! No more hiding because she is confident and she came to slay!

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2018 is her comeback year to herself.

Mariel chose to lose weight because it was her way of coming back to herself – to who she was before she lost her confidence. And now because of a little magic from Marie France, she is glowing!

About the experience, she says that you need patience. Her weight loss journey took months! She started with Marie France in August of 2017 and she actually gained weight in the beginning! “It’s not going to be fast; don’t expect to lose weight just like that.” Mariel explains. After she decided to fully transition to a healthier diet, that’s when the magic started to happen. She lost a total of 40 pounds!

We asked Mariel if she ever Googled herself and she admits that she never has. So we just had to show her what pops up! She was delighted when her daughter came up and found it funny when Isabella was higher on the list than her hubby Robin Padilla. “Robin is such a sweet father, you know – super hands-on! I didn’t expect him to be so hands-on but he is!” she gushes. Love is definitely still in the air with these two sweethearts!

Mariel shares that she is excited to wear her old clothes now that they fit again. She is ready to go out and about with the confidence of a queen! And her dream of losing weight while watching TV definitely did come true this 2018 thanks to Marie France!

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