LOOK: Mango Tree Introduces Special Farm-to-Table Menu for Its 12th Anniversary

The Mango Tree brand entered the Philippine in 2010 with Mango Tree Bistro and Mango Tree restaurant, and recently, with the new Mango Tree Cafe concept as a more casual dining option. Today, there are nine restaurants under Mango Tree’s belt in the country.

To celebrate its 12th year in the Philippines, Mango Tree partnered with local farmers as a way to support locally grown produce and promote sustainability.

WIM Cover CollageImage: Mango Tree | From left to right: Sweet Potato Crab Cakes,
Stir-fried Beef with Curry Paste and Chili Leaves, and Som Tum Chayote

With a global presence of over 50 restaurants across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, Mango Tree has delighted diners worldwide with its unique take on Thai culinary traditions. The very first Mango Tree opened over 25 years ago in Thailand and was named and inspired by a solitary 100-year old ma-muang (‘mango tree’) that still grows in an old house in Bangkok’s Suriwong district to this day.

A passion for Thai cuisine, carefully curated designs, and a penchant for constant innovation have become the DNA of a brand that has branched out into various concepts without losing its identity. With an increasing interest in sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, consumers have shifted their behavior to supporting locally made products. Mango Tree strives to create extraordinary meals from the simplest of ingredients, and in adopting a farm-to-table concept, crops will be directly sourced from local farms as much as possible—making local produce more accessible and enjoyed by our customers.

DESSERT Sweet Potato Fritters with Pandan CustardImage: Mango Tree | Sweet Potato Fritters with Pandan Custard

During the pandemic, The Quezon City government launched the Joy of Urban Farming project which was created to mitigate hunger and encourage livelihood in agriculture. This initiative also aims to further promote the importance of urban farming and empower the livelihood of urban dwellers by producing fresh and healthy vegetable crops. One of the farms under this project is the New Greenland Farm.

Situated in Barangay Bagong Silangan in Quezon City, New Greenland Farm started out as a 2-hectare area and has expanded to over 10 hectares of cultivated land with the support of local communities and the local government which envisions transforming over 30 hectares of unused land into agricultural gardens to address food security for all citizens. 

SOUP Sour and Spicy Southern Soup with Shrimp and Farm Fresh VegetablesImage: Mango Tree | Sour and Spicy Southern Soup

These farms are expected to produce over 756 metric tons of vegetables including eggplant, string beans, pechay, mustasa, squash, kamote tops, spinach, okra, and many more seasonal crops every year.

Mango Tree’s executive Thai chefs flew in from Thailand to visit New Greenland Farm and curated a special menu using freshly harvested crops and local produce. This menu highlights the versatility and adaptability of local healthy vegetables such as chayote (‘sayote’), Malabar spinach (‘alugbati’), jute leaves (‘saluyot’), and more.

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