LOOK: Man situated near CEU is an AMAZING artist!

Filipinos are truly talented – and you can discover that anytime, anywhere!

Student Janeil Leonor was astounded by the talent of a man he saw sitting on a sidewalk near CEU. There was a small crowd of students that made him wonder what commotion was happening.

“[So] I was walking in front of CEU, then [I] suddenly saw a bunch of students grouping around like there’s a dead person or something, and in the center of that is this man. I WAS SHOCKED AND WANTED TO SHARE HIS TALENT!!!


He snapped photos of the artist and his work, and has received positive feedback from many netizens, acknowledging the man’s talent.

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Leonor for further details.

I just saw him outside our school, so I don’t know anything about Manong victor.

I found out his name because of the replies to my tweet. I can only say that his efforts made a lot of students motivated not because of his drawings, but how he made it.

The way I see it, Manong victor gives lessons to students that even if life gets you down there will always be a way that will lift yourself up.

Even I got motivated because of him. Like how school made us stressed out, but there will always be a piece of motivation in us since we have goals in life so I’m very thankful to him.

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Beautiful art, don’t you think? Thank you for sharing Manong Victor’s talent, Janeil!

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