LOOK: Man sheds 50 lbs. in one year, shares how he did it in this inspiring post!

With everyone in the mood to turn over a new leaf and ready to re-commit to their fitness goals, we’ve been on the lookout for the best tips to stick by it. So, a few days ago, we came across this inspiring story of a couple on Facebook. The man tells us about the (nearly) painless process of going down two sizes in about a year!

Ed Chan 3

Photo courtesy of Edric Chan

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Edric Chan begins his post by saying that he wants to show people what they can achieve by sticking to a plan, no matter how simple it is. He begins his story by saying:

“Being overweight never bothered me in a social sense. I didn’t really care what people thought. I ate entire bags of chips in one sitting, ice cream by the pint, sodas two liters at a time! Life was good.

What did bother me was the constant lack of breath. Climbing stairs became a hindrance. My knees bothered me. I was having a hard time sleeping.

On top of all that. I wanted to see my son grow up!”

We think it’s great that it wasn’t any judgmental opinion that got to him — just the pure motive to improve his health! It becomes so much easier to stick by your resolutions when you know you’re doing it for yourself and no one else. The first advice he gives us, then, is to believe in the goals you set for yourself.

Conviction goes a long way in terms of execution!

What was his game plan to losing weight then? Well, you’ll be happy to hear it was nothing complicated like a keto diet or daily workout sessions. His secret was a less indulgent diet.

“On January 1, 2018, the wife and I decided to eliminate rice and sugar from our diets. If not completely, then a massive, drastic reduction. No considerable exercise, no running, no lifting. Just a complete diet and lifestyle change.

Almost 365 days later, I’m wearing new clothes! I can finally buy from stores that don’t carry double or triple XL sizes! Stairs are no longer a painful task. And I’ve never felt better in the last 5 years.”

ed chan

Photo courtesy of Edric Chan

We reached out to him for some more details behind the story and he tells us the weight loss really was just a matter of discipline. Cutting out rice and sugar (for the most part) has led to Edric losing 50 pounds in just a year! He has gone from 240lbs to 190lbs, and a 36-inch waist from a 42-inch waist.

He ends his post with these last inspirational words:

“It’s amazing how big a difference it makes once you finally choose to recognize your weaknesses and address them. So if you’re thinking of resolutions for 2019, just come up with a plan and stick with it! If we can do it, YOU can do it too!”

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